Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to Lima

Tuesday February 1st I am going back to Lima.  This time along with my husband and parents.  My parents have been dying to meet their two sponsored children and see the center in Lima and I look forward to being there when they meet.  I can't wait to introduce Ryan and my parents to Lutgarda and her family.  Also, last time I was at the center I met Melanie who Ryan and I now sponsor.  It will be a joy to see her again and introduce Ryan to her.  

We will visit the center on Wednesday the 2nd and spend the rest of our time with my Aunt Julie and her family.  I look forward to every moment.  Especially the food :).  I would appreciate your prayers as we travel and of course as our family visits the center on Wednesday.  It will be an eye opening experience for all of us and I pray that God will use us for His glory as we love on these kids.
My parent's sponsored children

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What are you going to do this year?

I love the beginning of a new year.  It gives one the opportunity to start over or set news goals to reach.  I felt like last year I was just coasting (although I did finally finish my degree!).  I decided that this year I would set some reachable goals for myself that would grow me and challenge me.  The two I am most excited about it are praying through Operation World and reading the entire Bible.  These are two things I have never done before.  I have read sections of Operation World and of course I have read most of the Bible but never all the way through in one year.  So far I am doing pretty good.  I am already getting more passionate about reaching the lost in the last few weeks that I have been reading Operation World.  I can only imagine the things God will teach me and show me as I read about each country and their need for Jesus.  I decided to read through an NLT Bible that is in chronological order.  So, right now I have been going through Bible stories I haven't heard since I was a kid in Sunday School.  It is so different to read these as an adult and God is teaching me a lot about Himself specifically His sovereignty.

I am looking toward this new year with excitement.  I already have a trip booked to Lima next month with my parents and husband. I can't wait to see my husband and parents meet their sponsored kids and see the childcare center.  I am also planning on going to Guatemala in June.  We have 5 large childcare centers there and I look forward to seeing them and meeting our Guatemalan co-workers.  God is so good.

With all that said I ask for your prayer as I face this new year head on.  I desire to follow God's leadership in my personal life and as I serve at AMG in the Child Sponsorship department.  So...what are your plans for this new year?