Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been entering in new children from India-now ready for sponsorship! All of these children have in one way or another been affected by HIV/AIDS. Most of their parents have the virus or have passed away because of it. There are even a few children who have HIV/AIDS. As I was reading about a four year old boy named Daniel whose father passed away in 2007 and his mother also has HIV/AIDS I realized that she was my age! Only 23 years old-her husband has died from AIDS, she is suffering for the virus and she has a precious little boy to care for. I can not even begin to get my head around what kind of life she has. All I can do is pray...

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the love you have for Daniel and his mother. And I thank you that even though they are Hindu they came to AMG India to find refuge in their time of need. I pray that little Daniel will be sponsored and that through the sponsorship Daniel and his mother will come to see and know that there is only one God who can save them. I ask that through the AMG India workers they would come to know your deep and perfect love for both of them and that little Daniel and his mother would turn and follow You. Thank you for giving us your Grace and Mercy freely and I pray Lord Jesus that you would open Daniel and his mothers eyes to see You.