Friday, October 23, 2009

Museekee Hostel in Thailand

The Museekee Hostel is located in the most northern part of Thailand in the Chiangmai province. In this area there are villages with people mainly from the Karen tribe. These people are peaceful Thai citizens who make their living mainly by farming rice and corn, as they have done for generations. These villages have no electricity or telephones and health care is minimal. Families get their water from hand dug wells and have no plumbing facilities. Most families run out of food before harvest and must scavenge for food in the forest. Also, many young women are often taken to the large cities to be given "good" jobs by unscrupulous relatives and friends. The attractive girls end up working as bar girls or prostitutes while the others end up working 12 to 14 hour days in a sweat shop with little food or breaks.

For this reason Miss Zothansiami Ralte decided to start a boarding house for young Karen women in the last 80s. A few years later she married a Karen man and together they turned this boarding home into a more tradition childcare center where children from the surrounding villages can come and receive nutritious meals, clothing, medical care, education and learn of Christ's love. Without the Museekee Hostel most of these children would never have the opportunity to attend school.

We recently received new children from the Museekee hostel who are in need of sponsors. This is Archidphon and he is 4 years old and from the Karen tribe. He is the youngest with three older brothers and sisters. Both of his parents are farmers and only make enough for their basic needs.

This is little Sudarat and she just turned 5 years old in September. She is also the youngest with one older brother and one older sister. Her parents are also farmers only making enough to provide food and shelter for their family.

$28 a month provides a child with a good education, food, clothing, medical attention all in a loving Christian enviornment. Also, it not only helps the child but it benefits the entire family.

The Museekee Hostel Program in Thailand is a great ministry and I pray for God's protection and for his blessing over the children and staff. I ask that God would provide sponsors for the children in need and that this ministry would continue to grow in the name of Jesus Christ.