Monday, November 16, 2009

Letters, Letters, Letters

This time of year the Child Sponsorship department is very busy. Children are sending their Christmas cards to their sponsors and the sponsors are sending Christmas cards and gifts to their child...and all of that must go through the AMG Home Office first. For a little over a week I have been working on getting Children's letters out to their sponsors. While at times this can be very repetitious and even boring, I remember the importance of the relationship between a child and their sponsor. It is so special to see how a relationship develops between child and sponsor, sometimes only through letters. Here is a letter from a boy living in Uganda to his sponsor.

David says,
"Greetings in the name of our good God. We are very fine at home and I think you are okay over there in Jesus name. I am in grade four and how I pray that God enables me to perform well this term.
We are nine in number in our family and I am the fourth of all. I am living with both parents. My mother is a farmer and my father too. I stay in Bukanko and I always come to school on foot.
I also love God and I pray from Bukanko. I love praise and Worship in church. I wish one day I can have a look on our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank alot for the love and care. I still pray for you. As God lives we will meet one day in Uganda.
Love from your child in Christ Jesus, stay well. Good Bye."

I am always amazed when I come across letter from a child to their sponsor in which they express so much love and gratitude for their sponsor whom they have never met. And, it is always such a joy to see the love they express for their Savior, Jesus Christ. I can think of nothing sweeter this Christmas Season then to make a difference in the life of a child eternally.