Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you have an extra $28?

Every day I encounter stories about needy children and I don't think I can completely appreciate the poverty that these kids live in.  Honestly I don't think as an American I could even begin to identify or imagine what it's like to live on $40 a month.  Yeah, $40!  I just finished looking over a bio on a sweet girl from the Philippines.  Her name is Reaza Mae (pictured on the right).  She is 11 years old and in the 1st grade (it is typical that poor children don't start school until they are older because they can't afford it).  Her father is a farmer and makes $30 a month and her mother works as a laundry women making $10 a month.  Reaza lives with her parents and four siblings in a one bedroom home with no running water or electricity.  I can't wrap my brain around that. 

Doyou have an extra $28 a month to support a child who lives on $40 a month...what most American's spend so easily without a thought.  With $28 a month AMG can provide Reaza with nutritious food, medical care, clothing, a good education and most importantly AMG will be sure that Reaza learns and knows that there is a God who loves her and wants only the best for her. Visit the AMG International website if you would like more information about the organization and the AMG Child Sponsorship Program