Thursday, January 14, 2010


The earthquake in Haiti is devastating. My boss used this phrase, "Unprecedented Disaster." Why is it unprecedented...because there is no water, no food, no shelter, no medical equipment, and no transportation to get around the city. When rescue workers come in they have to bring all of these recourses for themselves and for the Haitians.   How do you even start to begin rescue and then rebuilding?  I don't think there is anyway we could imagine what it is like in Port-au-Prince right now...there is no comparision.

AMG has projects "to the north" of Port-au-Prince in Grand Bassin, Camp Coq and LaFossette and none of them have been directly affected by the earthquake. However, many people living “in the north” had family members living and working in Port-au-Prince. These people are now homeless and jobless, and will be returning to their families “in the north”. Some have also been injured or killed. Those who return “to the north” may require medical care, and there will be additional children, and people in need. Pastor Rodne (AMG director in Haiti) anticipates a significant number of people arriving “in the north” from Port-au-Prince will need aid. Many of the AMG sponsored children “in the north” had one or more parents living/working in Port-au-Prince, so some of these children may now be orphans.

• that as many lives as possible would be saved
• that all would see God's hand at work in the mists of this disaster
• that many would come to know and understand the forgiveness, love and refuge we have in Christ
• that the millions of dollars being donated all over the world would be used in the best possible way
• for everyone involved in relief efforts
• for Pastor Rodne and those working alongside him in Haiti as they anticipate those traveling from Port-au-Prince for relief