Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in the States

Being back in the States is weird.  I miss Lima a bit.  On Monday morning when I woke up I wished that I was going to the childcare centers.  Those kids definitely left an impression on me...even though I only spent one day with them.

I still can't get over their living conditions.  The children live in small shacks with usually only one room, no running water, electricity for only a few hours a day, and dirt floors.  We did visit a few homes and I remember one of the mothers makes these little baskets to sell for 1 Sole which comes out to about $.35.  If she works all day she can make 60 baskets.  Then she has to go and sell them on the street.  What a life huh? I also noticed that some houses had refrigerators but come to find out they find these old refrigerators and just use them as storage for clothes, books, or whatever else...not to store food. 

Outside of the Dr. Z Center in Saul Cantoral

Visiting the centers has helped me to better understand the urgency and necessity of child sponsorships.  Without help these kids will continue in the cycle of poverty...with nothing to look forward to in life.  But, with the help of a sponsor they can have the opportunity to complete their education and most importantly to know Christ who gives us all meaning in life. 

Pray with me and all of us at AMG as we work together with the National Workers in Peru and in all the countries we work in as we serve these needy children.  Pray for more sponsors.  Pray for guidance and wisdom. Pray that we would love these kids as Christ loves them. 

Here are a few more pictures.  I had the opportunity to meet the children some family and friends sponsor in Lima.  It was a huge blessing.  Each of these children were so sweet...I can't say that enough.

I can't wait to go back!

Learn more about the AMG Child Sponsorship Program here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Thoughts

There is so much to say about the one day I spent at the childcare centers in Lima. So, I will just leave you with a few thoughts.

It makes all the difference in the world to physically see, smell, hear, and touch in order to fully understand the needs of the children at these centers.  I still can't get over the amount of shacks that are piled on these mountains of sand in Saul Cantoral.  This is where these children live.  Most of them don't know any better.
This is their neighborhood.  Their homes are typically one room and if they are lucky they have a bathroom.  Most of the families consist of a mother and her children.  The father is usually not around much.  Maybe he will show up a few times a week.

The children in this neighborhood have no structure.  They are able to go where they want when they want.  Without these childcare centers the children wouldn't have anything to keep them out of trouble.
Even though these children face many dangers and obstacles in their lives they are sweet and loving.  I can't tell you how much I cherish each of their kisses.
This is Melanie.  She started following me around and eventually grabbed my hand and didn't want to let go.  Come to find out she doesn't have a sponsor. She lives close to the center with her mother.  Oh she was so sweet.  Having a sponsor means more to these children then we could even imagine.  It gives them the hope for a better life.

There is such a great work going on in Lima and in Huarez where AMG has childcare centers.  I will share more with you in the days ahead.  Please continue to pray for these sweet Peruvian children and all the workers who pour their lives into these kids and give them hope in Christ.

I'll leave you with a few more pictures.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting Ready

I'm leaving for Peru tomorrow!  I really can't believe that I'm actually going. I have been waiting for the opportunity to go to Peru, see the center, meet the Apons and see my family for a long time.  But, I don't know if the excitement of it all will sink in until I'm on my way to Atlanta tomorrow.

Pray for us as we travel.  This is a short trip, so I will only be at the center for one day.  Pray that I'll be able to get a good grasp on things and be able to enjoy the children.  It will almost be surreal to finally see the faces of the many children sponsored (and not sponsored) in Lima.  Everyday I read and work with these children on paper (and computer) but what an experience to finally be able to hug their necks and try to talk to them in Spanish :).  I'll also be sitting in on the AMG Peru Board Meeting.  I hope to be able to get a better handle on the entire ministry in Peru.  Also, I look forward to the fellowship with my fellow AMG workers in Peru. 

Well, I'll try to update once I arrive in Lima and after my day at the center.  Thanks for praying!