Friday, February 11, 2011

Lima childcare center...the second time around.

Ryan, my parents, my cousin Nick, and I had a great time at the center in Lima.  We enjoyed the warm sunshine and the many smiling children!  When we arrived the kids at the center they were just about to eat.  What a blessing to hand out plates of hot food to the kids!  
Eating Lunch
Ryan with Xiomara
We then walked to Melanie's home.  Her home is farthest from the center compared to the other sponsored children.  When we arrived I had to ask her twice to be sure the home she was pointing out what in fact her house.  I can't even call it a didn't even have four walls.

 This it...Melanie's home. Her mother has to take their mattress with her every time she leave otherwise it would get stolen. Melanie spends almost all day at the center while her mothers goes from home to home asking if she can do their laundry.  It was hard to take it all in.

Mirco and Gina
After visiting Melanie's home and spending time with her and my sister's sponsored girl Xiomara we went to my parents kids home, Gina and Mirco.  These two kids are as cute as can be and so funny!  It was a joy to meet their parents and see where they live.  I know my parents loved being able to meet the kids they sponsor.  It makes everything much more real.

I think about Melanie everyday and about where she sleeps every night.  My parents and I are going to try and build her a new home with a real walls and a door with a lock.  Somewhere she can be warm and feel safe.  Melanie is so precious to me and Ryan.  I feel so honored to be her sponsor and provide her with food, education, and hope in Christ...with only $28 a month.  

Ryan and I with Melanie...our sponsored Child