Friday, April 1, 2011

Reaching those who have never heard

Yesterday I was looking over some new bios from Thailand.  As I read the children's stories I was reminded that Thailand is a country deeply rooted in Buddhism.  According to Operation World in Thailand only 1% are Christian and 85% of the population are Buddhist.  One of the children lived in a small village without any Christians rather a Buddhist Temple that was in the center of the town.  Her mother made $30 a month and most of that went for her oldest son to study at the Buddhist Temple. This family depends on a god who does not hear their prayers.  My heart went out to this child and the many other children in the exact same situation because they have no hope for something better. I had to stop and pray that through the child sponsorship program these kids would hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and trust in HIM alone for true life and salvation from sin.

I pray that God would continue to break my heart for the lost.  AMG also has childcare centers in Bangladesh which is 89% Muslim and less than 1% Christian, Indonesia which is 80% Muslim and 15% Christian, then in the Latin countries like Peru out of the 95% Christian the majority of that is Catholic with only 11% Evangelical.  Please pray that as AMG ministers to the children that they would be open to the Gospel of Christ and that God's word would spread to their family, friends, and neighbors - and God would be Glorified!