Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas Wish

A little over a week ago I wrote about a girl I met in Uganda named Angel.  Angel is HIV positive and lives in the slums of Kampala.  Today my dear co-workers in Uganda gave me more information about this precious young girl. What I learned broke my heart...

"Angel is a total orphan. Both of her parents died of HIV / AIDS. It’s unfortunate that she is infected too. Mr. Tamale picked Angel from a rubbish pit from where she had been dumped by her relatives and the state at which she was found was quite sad and severe. She was on the verge of dying. Apparently Tamale has no stable source of income and it is for this reason that he seeks a hand especially with school fees."

On the bright side...Angel does believe in Jesus and trusts Him for her salvation.  I am so grateful to Tamale who had compassion for Angel even though he struggles to provide all their needs.  Angel is 9 years old and in the second grade.  She hopes to one day be a doctor.  

Angel is in desperate need of a sponsor.  Would you sponsor her?  What a great Christmas gift to give to Angel...the opportunity to attend the childcare center where she will receive food, love and care from the Christian staff, medical care as needed, and help with her education.  What better gift could you give?  Please contact me if you are interested...let's get this girl a sponsor!

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